Jay Warshavsky

I always had a passion for imagery, I came to my love photography after searching for something interesting,ever changing and exciting. As I was growing up photography was expansive, and in many cases not even possible to share with the world. In 2009 I was working in a sales job and we used to sell cameras, As digital cameras became more affordable I bought the Canon t2i and I asked my self - what now? every artist wants to create art and yet be profitable. I found my niches and passion in many fields like commercial, products, real state, events, and mostly people. The many categories also kept me hungry for more knowledge. I love shooting products because I believe I can make a difference in the business that hires me. I love real estate because I get to see the city and how people live in many parts of town. I love shooting events because I get to socialize and to meet interesting and fun individuals which makes my job easier. I love shooting fashion because its challenging in an artsy way and different from anything else. all types of photography help me learn my trade better, And I'm happy to say I can help anyone with their photography and videography needs. Today. after being a full time photographer for over 4 years, I acquired the knowledge and equipment to come and execute any job with utmost creativity and consistency. Instagram @jwarnyc Cell/txt: 917-822-9462 Office address: 185 Christopher suit 2 New york, NY 10014

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