An Experience Behind the Lens With Jwarstyle

By Jwar
I was fortunate to be featured in a ConnecticutFORsale article.

You can read the full article Here

What would make the Canon 5d mark 4 the ultimate camera

By Jwar
I cant stop thinking of the next 5d mark Vl model. The rumor suggests two new models for the new model 5Dx and 5DXs. with that the well anticiapted 4k video 22mp and the new Digic 6 proccessor to help improve speed and auto focus.


Fashion Ecommerce shoot June 14

By Jwar

This was a long day with zero downtime – six hours of pure hustle.

How to take better iPhone pictures

By Jwar

Clean your lens

I always tell people to clean their lens first—no, I don't mean cleaning it with your finger because your fingers are always greasy. Simply take a piece of your shirt and clean the front elements of your smartphone lens. The...

Real estate photography and how its DONE

By Jwar

Real estate and property photography is one of my favorite subjects to shoot.

I enjoy the process of organizing and redecorating for visual purposes. Sometimes simply moving a couch or plant around can make a huge difference.

Real estate...

Fashion is the name of the game

By Jwar

Fashion photography is always going to be something I strive to improve upon each and every time. When shooting lifestyle photography with models, the most important tip is to keep the communication channel open as much as possible and add many...

5 secrets every photographer should know

By Jwar

This is the best way to discover latest things in photography by yourself if you love it. New tips and tricks can make this profession fantastic; some best tips for photographers are given below:

Tip #: 1

Techno fridge

By Jwar

Allen, the owner of Universal Coolers calls me up to shoot some of his refrigerators. The logistics behind these types of shoots are not standard. Since the object is stainless steel, I have to shoot their reflections. I find these jobs to be...

The HIlls

By Jwar

I received a phone call from a gentleman who expressed his feelings towards his brokers’ misrepresentation of space by using low quality images on Zillow. I picked up my equipment and completed the project within a few hours. Most of the high...

Inside 47th street jewelry factory

By Jwar

When I entered My Love Wedding Ring, on 47th street, I knew right away that my jewelry photography skills would kick in. The office was quite cozy. A nice gentleman, who turned out to be the owner, greeted me. He explained the essence of his...