Real estate photography and how its DONE

By Jwar

Real estate and property photography is one of my favorite subjects to shoot.

I enjoy the process of organizing and redecorating for visual purposes. Sometimes simply moving a couch or plant around can make a huge difference.

Real estate photography involves much more than just iPhone pictures, and even if one intends to use a smartphone to shoot professional apartment photography, there's still a lot of editing to be done. There are a bunch of tips on how to edit your images on the iPhone online, and you can purchase additional lens accessories, which can be found in local electronic stores. Visit my review and guide in how to take better iPhone pictures.  

A client of mine that found me on Google told me that his broker didn't represent his apartment with the right quality images. He was going for a high number and the images did not show the real value.  And you can see the gallery here. 

People buy emotions. Especially when it involves the type of commitment such as renting or buying real estate, property and apartment photography is essential for the everyday broker or agent. 

A broker can negotiate a package price with the photographer and perhaps even take quick video snippets of the location. Such maximizes the overall production value and lends a better opportunity to capture the right buyer.